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NEW Improved Disc Golf Pocket Towel with Super Absorbent Chamois / Shammy Lining!

Our original pocket towel was simple – terry cloth sewn together creating a ‘pocket’ to put your disc in, wipe clean and pull out with a loop and clip for easily cleaning your disc. This crafty little home invention was also great for other things like gardening, fishing, hunting, regular golf and more! I myself use one when fishing to keep my live bait out of the sun, and out of my tackle box and to wipe off my hands after releasing a fish. However, we realized that on a wet, rainy day or maybe even when there is a foot of snow – a single towel can only do so much, and many player pack towels that you get during an event are now micro-fiber – why? because they are CHEAP! Not because they are good for absorbing anything, maybe for a quick cleaning, but definitely not for absorption.

Our new Pocket Towel has been upgraded to include a slightly heavier 100% cotton terry cloth outside, and now features a removable super absorbent 100% Viscose (Rayon) chamois / shammy liner made in Germany! The inner lining not only helps clean the disc but really soak up any moisture off of it in case it is a rainy round. If you are playing two rounds, it doesn’t hurt to grab two to keep a dry one on deck – you can even order an extra chamois / shammy lining to swap out also for a couple extra bucks. The outer towel has a flap on the inner top to help keep the chamois / shammy lining in place also, so from the outside it doesn’t look any more exciting than a regular towel.

This towel only comes in gray – we realized any other colors get really dirty looking after a while and the subtle gray color is perfect for everyone!

Measurements are 10″ wide by 9″ high which is perfect for any disc!

Best of all, these are hand made one at a time by Cupcake with care and double stitched where needed!