Hello and welcome to Disc Golf Den!

This shop and website is operated by Kathy Loraine, also known as “Cupcake” at our local disc golf course. She got the name because she used to be bring cupcakes to the disc golfers during weekly leagues and the name stuck.

Cupcake had already been designing t-shirts for some time and decided it was time to take a crack at some disc golf designs and putting new graphics with some old phrases… and so Disc Golf Den was born!

However Disc Golf Den was originally operated through Spreadshirt, and the original shop can still be found here, however many designs were being stolen by others thanks to the internet and no copyright watermarks on the images. So, Cupcake decided to get her designs ready for print and decided to purchase a heat press and some shirts to start running things herself… Today Cupcake is printing her own designs and the sales of these items are being handled through Etsy. Many of the designs are no longer in the original shop, to better protect them from copyright violators, however many designs are still available through the original shop.

What is Etsy? Etsy is an online marketplace where people can sell handmade items. Etsy handles the accounts, payment processing and even shipping labels! Why is this good for both Cupcake and you if you decided to make a purchase? Etsy is safe, secure, and helps protect the customer as well as the buyer. You can also create an account with Etsy, so you can track all your purchases and orders. Although Cupcake would love to offer these features through Disc Golf Den, it is less expensive for her and the customer to run the sales through Etsy. So you can rest assured that even though you will be checking out through Etsy, your information is safe and secure!

Are your shirts really “Handmade”? Well, we obviously don’t make the shirts from scratch, those are stocked. However the designs are drawn, converted to the proper design format for replication as a heat transfer or screen print and then printed or pressed onto the shirts by us by hand! So… they are hand printed, with ♡LOVE♡.

We also sell Birdie Beads and Pocket Towels! The Birdie Beads are handmade to order, the pocket towels are sewn with a good old sewing machine and stocked waiting to ship out the door and are one of the least expensive towels out there for disc golf – the benefits of these towels are that they aren’t too long or baggy, fit the discs perfectly and are also a pocket to throw the disc in, hold your trash until you get to the next garbage can and can be turned inside out if it gets too dirty to prevent your clothes from getting soiled.

More About “Cupcake”

PDGA #63219

Volunteers with the Friends of Punderson to help develop the Friends of Punderson Disc Golf Course located in Newbury, OH which is quickly becoming one of the top courses in the state.

Is not a great disc golfer, but loves to play and has fun doing it!

Has had the pleasure of meeting many accomplished disc golfers as well as those involved in the sport in one way or another. It has overall been a wonderful experience and would recommend the sport to anyone.

Cupcake’s Tournament & Disc Stamp Designs: So far, the stamps have all been for Pun’s Labyrinth Disc Golf Tournament at Punderson State Park located in Newbury, OH and the Scarlet Open 2016 at Hudson Springs Park in Hudson, OH. If you would like a disc or tournament stamp design or need help with one, please contact us at least two months before you need the artwork.

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