Disc Golf Player’s Pack Solutions from Disc Golf Den

Player’s Pack Solutions from Disc Golf Den

2020 has been a rough year, and we know many disc golf clubs haven’t been able to host their regular line up of events. Regardless, we want to help support your event and especially if you are running a league for children and beginners. We know how much feeling welcome into a new sport, club or group can be for anyone and want to make sure you are able to accomplish this!

20% OFF Player Pack Coupon Codes to our Etsy Store

Don’t have any funding to purchase player pack swag? We know sometimes funds are better spent on plastic and making sure everyone gets a new disc to throw. However, players old and new also appreciate getting something new or different once in a while. We know this can be difficult to make everyone happy… some people are sick of can koozies, towels, minis and we realize even a coupon code can sometimes be a bummer. However, our Etsy store features a lot of low price items, and 20% takes a nice little bit and gives someone the ability to choose something they like instead of something they may already have 10 of. Our coupon codes are FREE to your event! Your event will get a custom code that will expire within a year of the event. Contact Us

Birdie Bead Packages

This is our most requested item in bulk, however we want everyone to understand making these TAKES TIME! Even if we cut our costs on the supplies to near nothing, these are time consuming to make. Although the designs seem simple, we have a few tricks to make sure our beads slide and stay put while creating a solid finished product. Please contact us at least 4 WEEKS IN ADVANCE! Especially for custom color combination requests. NOTE: Although I have supplied beads to local groups/tournaments BIRDIE BEADS ARE SURPRISINGLY NOT THAT POPULAR! The reality is a lot of players make these for themselves and see them as low value even if they are useful and cool to look at.

Other Items / Suggestions

We have connections for other types of items that may be more desirable than what most major disc golf companies offer in their player packs. Although we are just a very small entity, Cupcake has the graphic design and art skills to help you get a nice custom player’s pack together! Please note that required minimum order quantities for many of these things a minimum order will be at least 100 pieces. If you don’t want 100 of something with your event design on it, we can have them printed with our logo, saving you from having to pay for something you may be stuck with for a while as we can liquidate the rest ourselves:

  • Cinch Backpacks with Tournament Logo Print
  • Outdoor Survival/Safety Accessories
  • Bottle Openers
  • Slap Koozies
  • Tall Can Koozies
  • Cooling Towels
  • First Aid Kits