Cupcake’s Disc Golf Dice Game – A New Way to Play Disc Golf!

Cupcake’s Disc Golf Dice Game – A New Way to Play Disc Golf!


This game and dice were designed and created by me Cupcake, PDGA #63219! They are handmade by myself at home using 100% biodegradable natural materials – wood, 100% cotton linen bag and paper. Why is this important? Disc golfers already spend tons of money on plastic, and I know plastics aren’t good for the environment so I didn’t want to add to that, plus we can! So why not?

Originally the dice design was built around a different way to handle an out of bounds throw or mulligan throw on the course, offering some alternative ways to play or making it less discouraging for beginners or kids who are just starting out.

I realized that although they could still be used that way (don’t get too excited about the on-course instructions, LOL) there could be another way to play at home, when you can’t get out on the course due to weather, injury or other restrictions. After coming up with scoring and rules, we realized that the dice offer a great game you can play off the course with ANY scorecard! Although I have only play tested the game with friends, and ran scoring statistics, I think it is a pretty rounded out game that includes “disc golf” elements without being too complicated, cumbersome or have a low replay value. From a personal standpoint, it feels much like playing a round of cards, or a popular 5 dice scoring game since much of it is left up to the chance of what you roll.

The play and scoring system is not too difficult for children to understand, we feel children around 8 years of age can learn how to play.

The game is extremely portable, and you can play it almost anywhere you can roll a pair of dice. We suggest using a disc turned upside down to roll the dice in so they don’t roll out of bounds. Perfect for camping, traveling, after round drinks or meal at a local restaurant or even at home on the couch or while you are at the hospital recovering from an injury or illness!

Cupcake's Disc Golf Dice Game

We don’t want to spill too much about the game, because this GAME IS NOT SOLD IN STORES AND NEVER WILL BE! Why? Because Cupcake is a hard working American who isn’t going to sell out. This project was NOT FUNDED through any sort of money raising platform because it didn’t have to be! I have no investors to please, or “pre-orders” to fill.

This game relies heavily on chance, but also includes strategies such as Mulligan use (re-throws), penalizing other players and the ability to help other players minimally and within reason.

What is included:

  • Dice
  • 20 Mulligan Pieces
    5 Each of 4 Different Colors
  • Natural Wood Score Pencil
  • On Course Instructions
  • Off Course Instructions
  • Example 9 Hole Score Cards
  • Alternate Play Rules & Instructions
  • 100% Cotton Linen Carrying Bag

Game Design Images Copyright Kathleen D. Shue-Loraine aka “Cupcake” PDGA #63219