Disc Golf for Kids – Supporting Children’s Disc Golf Events

One of the biggest things we see a lack of in our area are children’s disc golf leagues or beginner’s programs.

Normally, beginner leagues and programs are how a lot of course fundraising starts, but it slowly grows into a “pro” only or geared group, leaving beginners and children out of the picture. We want to help support your local course or group to keep children and beginners in mind after your club and course grow. Truth is, if you don’t start getting local youngsters involved, one day there won’t be anyone left to run your club or help make sure the course and events are maintained.

One phrase we used to hear all the time was “grow the sport” however once many of our local clubs became well established, events became more pro focused and were less about teaching, helping and getting new players involved. Many seasoned players start to become annoyed by new players (even though they were once new themselves). This makes newer players and beginners less likely to join established leagues. We aren’t saying everyone out there isn’t welcoming, however it is a trend we have seen in the sport’s evolution.

Tips for not excluding new players and children:

  • Be patient and kind, this is probably the most important!
  • Be helpful but not overbearing – sometimes helping too much can become irritating to a new player
  • Share a disc you don’t use with kids or new players – they’ll appreciate it and feel welcomed
  • Host age restricted events for kids – this will make them feel more comfortable than playing along side adults
  • Volunteer and help! When experienced or professional players help a local beginner’s league get started it really shows how great the sport and the players are
  • Approach your local school or recreation department to help get the word out

Need help starting out?

At Disc Golf Den, we are happy to help provide player pack items or giveaways to help get a new children’s league started, so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

You can also look into established programs such as EDGE and others to help start a great program.

Don’t leaveĀ  your course without a future! Help grow the sport!