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Glow in the Dark Disc Golf – Shirts and More!

We are currently looking into offering “glow in the dark” gear for you Glow events!

Don’t glow? Ask your local league, course or tournament staff if you can have a glow event in your area! They take a little bit of preparation but are tons of fun!

We can help you with the artwork and getting the glow designs on shirts!

Remember it is best to glow:

– During the New Moon (no moonlight)

– No flashlights; only Black UV Lights or Red LED lights

– Don’t use bright lights on baskets; glow stick necklaces work the best!

Why you might ask? Our eyes naturally adjust to the darkness, intermittent bright lights from flashlights or very bright lights on baskets take away your sights ability to stay adjusted. Also, if the lights are too bright on the baskets, it will show obstacles that best remain in the dark. It is amazing how much better you can play and focus without seeing obstacles!

Need a hand setting up your first glow? We have glowed a few times – it is best to get a stock of glow in the dark discs for your event if your players don’t have any, you should also provide the black lights, at least one per a group or card. A glow in the dark item, shirt, bracelet/necklace or key chain on your bag can help you avoid bumping into others or losing your bag or cart!

Let us help you with your player’s packs!