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Cupcake’s Disc Golf Dice Game – Ready to Ship!

We have everything together and Cupcake’s Disc Golf Dice Game is now ready to ship!

This game includes everything you need to play off the course and alternate suggestions for using the dice on the course (although you don’t have to) as well as optional rules and drinking game!

Please note that this game contains small parts and is not intended for children ages 5 and younger.

Compete with your friends using any existing course scorecard by rolling the dice to determine the number of strokes you throw per a hole while also having the ability to hurt other player’s scores, help a player who is having a bad round, ace a hole, or even keep an ace in your pocket for later in the game! This game is chance based with some strategy to help you get a lead on other players.

We have provided optional rules that include the use of mulligans, out of bounds dice rolling, doubles and more!

All game pieces and parts are 100% biodegradable and comes in a 100% cotton linen pouch! Also included is a vinyl sticker to put on your cart or car if you like the game! This game is self published, made and assembled at home by Cupcake, PDGA #63219 and are shipped from Northeast Ohio. Cupcake’s home course is Punderson State Park’s Friends of Punderson Disc Golf Course.