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Cupcake's Disc Golf Dice Game

Cupcake’s Disc Golf Dice Game! This game is hand made using only 100% biodegradable materials and is made and assembled by Cupcake, the owner of this Etsy shop!

– Off Course game play will rely on chance and strategy
– Game does not require a board to play
– Pieces included for up to 4 players, but two or more players can play (no limit)
– Alternate rules / instructions are included as well as drinking game
– Optional On Course game play included
– We believe children as young as 8 can understand the concept of the game.

We don’t want to spill too much information about the game, but think you will enjoy it! A game of chance with some strategy thrown in that allows you to hurt or help other players’ scores. Play tested as a lightweight, easy to learn dice game with a disc golf theme. Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for any disc golfer who already has everything!

Includes Pieces for up to 4 Players (Game is not limited to 4 Players):

– Wooden Dice (handmade specifically for this game; dice graphics and design are copyrighted)
– Mulligan Pieces (20 Total, 5 Each of 4 Colors which may vary from picture)
– Instructions
– Alternate Instructions
– Sample Scorecards
– Score Pencil
– 100% Cotton Linen Bag
– Logo Sticker (vinyl, not-biodegradable – to help share the love!)

This game was invented and designed by Cupcake, PDGA# 63219 and is self published. When considering purchasing this game, please note that I did not require funding or investors to get this off the ground, and although the pieces may not seem like much, a lot of thought process went into the development of the game play and rules. Copyright 2020 Kathleen D. Shue-Loraine