Natural Wood Birdie / Bogey Beads Disc Golf Score Keeper

Wood Birdie Beads Score Beads Golf Disc Golf

Wood Disc Golf / Golf Birdie Beads

Keep track of your disc golf or golf score with these new wood birdie beads from Disc Golf Den! Base cord is 550 parachute cord or paracord (not for emergency use). Wooden beads vary in design, but one strand will be darker brown colored beads, while the other strand will be lighter/reddish toned beads – there will be a subtle difference unlike our other sets due to the natural variations in the beads. This is a more subtle and natural looking set than our other colored bead selections.


– Perfect for Disc Golf or Regular Golf or ANY golf!
– This set includes 10 beads on each strand
– Usable key ring, no clips – be careful not to snag the cord in the key ring!
– Made from 550 rated Tan/Beige/Khaki Paracord, not suitable for emergency use
– Includes matching caribeener clip, not pictured
– Approximately 10″ long including the key ring
– Perfect for your disc golf bag, golf bag, or cart
– Can also be attached to your belt loop for easy use


One strand is use for scores under par, the other strand is used for scores over par. At the end of the round you add/subtract the beads to get your total score. You can also use the beads to keep track of your strokes / score in other ways as you wish!